30 March 2014

The pathology of agony

I was once described as precocious and now family members consider me as having the tendency to brood. I'm well aware of the fact that I can get consumed by thoughts or expectations. I find that this tendency, like many human tendencies, poses both positive and negative effects. Focus and productivity at work or at home; fixation and gloom when faced with uncertainty. I've heard innumerable words of encouragement, tips on how to achieve a better outlook, or counting blessings--I might as well be considered the expert on positive living, but we all know that theory isn't always practiced. It's ironic that people come to me for advice or catharsis yet here I am feeling completely inadequate. 

Can all this be reduced to something clinical? I hope not. I'm pretty sure I'm just over-analyzing things. 
(I'm my own shrink.)

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09 March 2014

Knowing one's place

Magritte's "Not to be Reproduced"

It would be impossible to live one day without spending at least a few minutes speculating idly, which can be unnecessarily emotionally charged and out-of-control to the point that valid feelings result. I'm completely guilty of excessive internal drama.

So, to celebrate my ongoing struggle to be less hung up about useless anxiety...(or avoiding anxiety altogether)...I've posted Magritte's "Not to be Reproduced" so I can nag my subconscious to do the "about face."  Look at my art-inspired post last 30 September 2007 and see what I'm talking about.


14 February 2014

Rubbing it in

The fact remains. 
I'm a WAD Homo sapiens.
Wallpaper not even a flower.
Best regards,
Yours truly.


05 September 2013

to boldly go...

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station stated (non verbatim) that the Earth, when viewed from outer space, is a beautiful world devoid of the usual arbitrary boundaries we see on maps. That in spite of the present international conflicts or even the struggles of daily life, we still live in this beautiful planet. 

Another astronaut also mentioned that the next frontier of the NASA space program would be a manned flight to Mars. He hopes that it would involve an interracial crew working together rather than different space programs competing   against each other.

The current conflicts of this world sadden me. It's as if the only thing that would unite mankind would be an alien invasion or a cataclysmic event akin to the film 2012.

I've posted this before and it bears repeating, we need to zoom out and realize how minute and ephemeral we are. Humility is rare.

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31 July 2013

Simple measure of character



28 July 2013

A matter of perspective

A. Let the crab pull you down.
B. Leave it where it belongs.
C. Pull it out of the water to its demise.

Crab mentality should be banned.

Human pinpricks

Always, always, always a test.
A test of patience and tolerance for people.
Once you've already established this calloused shell of nonchalance, an idle humanoid pinprick will stop at nothing to carve you out and expose your vulnerability. For an inexplicable reason. Or maybe the obvious reason of wanting to put you down...or put itself up. I don't know, it's a mysterious thing. "Schadenfreude" will always be a curious phenomenon to me.

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31 May 2013

I got the blues

I've got the baby blues.


30 May 2013

Mental Bulimia

Forced evisceration of thought.
Compelling the brain to be spasmodically flatulent.
A sign of aging and a prelude to senescence.
At 31 years old.
I used to fart my brains out all over blogger and now I've become too brief.
But "brevity is the soul of wit" right, Shakespeare? 
Alas, poor mind, I knew you well.


22 May 2013

Nosy Noise

I feel obligated to read/watch the news in social media or on television. Everything's so depressing and everyone seems to have joined an annoying opinion competition.  So, I think I'll just hide inside the mundane box and be its most spectacular occupant.  

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